During the course of time Mr. Ir. Remond R. Pahladsingh got the attention of a private investment (banking) company that endorses the projects of TEN|Energy, and in particular the STGR. The private investment (banking) company believes in the state of the art technology of TEN|Energy and appointed due to the STGR TEN|Energy as the official global agent regarding the large-scale financing projects. 
The task of TEN|Energy as the official global agent of the private investment (banking) company is to guide the clients through the financing request procedure. The financer maintains an extensive financing request procedure for large-scale projects and only takes into consideration projects of $100 million USD or more.   

The private investment (banking) company is focused on stimulating the economy of a country by providing favorable loans targeted to certain branches of the economy of the country. A brief selection of the targeted branches is i.e. Food, Ports & Harbors, Travel &Tourism, Energy, and Trading. 
The private investment (banking) company encourages governments of countries to show their support for the development of large scale endeavors by an Economic Development Plan. In this manner, the private investment (banking) company can ensure that for all the projects which are mentioned in the Economic Development Plan, a bank guarantee could be provided.
Besides the government-supported endeavors by an Economic Development Plan, the private investment (banking) company provides favorable loans to private projects as well. Therefore, government-owned companies and privately-owned companies are eligible to request financing from the private investment (banking) company through the services of TEN|Energy Holding B.V.

TEN|Energy Holding B.V. does not pay an agent and/or introduction fee to third parties due to the prohibition of serving two Lords.