TEN|Energy believes in Solar energy, and supports it in her mission. However, Solar Energy has its limitations that are very easily overlooked. Solar Energy on our planet is dependent on:
  • The position of our planet on its course around the Sun in 365 days. Exception is the tropical zone.
  • The day and night cycle
  • The clouds in the sky
  • The evaporation of water from our trees
  • Environmental disasters such as sand-storms, hurricanes, hail-storms etc.
It is abundant but we also need the land to produce food for the ever-growing global population; placing solar panels on fertile land, while making people struggle on dry and unfertile land is ethically wrong and not humane.
Where Solar energy is available without the facts mentioned above, it combines very well with our STGR power stations to serve our societies in a far better way than the present projects that will ultimately fail. We promote Solar energy, but then in a combination with our STGR to serve the communities with cheap electricity, - high quality water, - high quality food, - hydrogen economy and cheap residential heating in an excellent "Zero Emmission" world.