TEN|Energy believes the widely known fact that hydrogen can become economically available only with nuclear energy using Thorium or Uranium. These two energy sources, best guarantee clean (no air-pollution), reliable, economical  and continuous hydrogen for our societie for transportation, cars, electric equipment and machines etc.
We strongly recommend Distribution Generation as a solution for our future societie with the relatively small STGR 20 power station to provide Electricity, Heat, High Quality water and Hydrogen production in local networks, minimizing transportation of hydrogen over long distances. 
Keep the STGR power station running at maximum power capacity and store the excess electricity as hydrogen during the "Off-Peak" hours or when less power is required in the daily demand in our communities.
TEN|Energy promotes the High Pressure Electrolyzer of ITM-Power for hydrogen production. ITM-Power also believes that the future is in hydrogen stations combined with small STGR power stations.