Referring to IAEA TECDOC 1450 - Thorium Fuel Cycle one can conclude that thorium is the best nuclear fuel for a Zero Emission global power generation society. Thorium is no nuclear fuel. From Thorium, by breeding, Uranium 233 is produced which is the best nuclear fuel we have on our planet. The Thorium to U233 Fuel cycle produces minimal nuclear waste. Uranium produces 100 times more waste. Thorium with the STGR is the energy solution for the rich and the poor. For the big nations and the small nations and island economies. By using this better fuel in the absolute safe (CDF=0) STGR - Small Thorium Gas-cooled Reactor we achieve the best way to make the transition towards a sustainable global energy society.
The STGR with its outstanding features, very low power density, minimal fuel in the reactor and a CDF=0, is the only reactor at the moment that can make the take-off to the sustainable and safe nuclear energy world. The deposits of Thorium on our planet are three to four times higher. This is sufficient to supply the world for centuries with a reliable energy source. Great scientists made an effort to introduce Thorium as an energy source for the world. However, every attempt got nipped in the bud.